I produce a range of traditional and contemporary coppice products, all sustainably sourced straight from the Hampshire woodlands in which I work.

Hedgelaying Materials

Hedgelaying Stakes

5' 6" and circa 2" diameter. Pointed: £1.00 each, unpointed: £0.80 each.


Minimum of 8' long and circa 1" diameter at butt end. £0.80 each.

Crooks (Devon Style)

Unpointed: £0.65 each.

Thatching Supplies

Spar & Ligger Gads

Cut to your required length.

£0.20 each.

Riverbank Faggots

Made from hazel brash and normally measuring 1' diameter by 8' long, other sizes can be made on request. Choice of binding from either baler twine, decomposable sisal, or wire.

£7.50 each (+ £0.50 surcharge if bound with wire).

Hurdle Rods

I can provide a variety of different sized hurdle rods so that you have everything you need to make a woven hurdle (ie. zales, tying in rods and weavers). Rods are trimmed and at least 7' in length.

£0.80 per rod

Woven Hazel Hurdles

The real deal! Handmade from cleft coppiced hazel. No nails or other fittings used.

Standard 6' long hurdles are priced at £12/rising foot (ie 1' high = £12, 4' high = £48, etc). Bespoke lengths can be made to order.

In-Situ Woven Fencing

Better suited to longer lengths, or where hurdles don't need to be moved. Can be made from either cleft or round hazel. Sweet chestnut posts are used for longevity.

Starting at £4.00 per square foot installed.

Cleft Gate Hurdles

Made from either ash or sweet chestnut, these traditional gate hurdles make a lovely garden screen (and help protect flower/veg beds from marauding pets/children!). Please note that despite the name, these are not suitable for use as a hung gate.

Prices start at £18 depending on size (can be made to suit).

Westmorland Panels

Ideal garden screening for waste bins etc, or where precise fitting is needed. Generally made with a sweet chestnut or oak frame and infilled with split hazel.

Individually priced.

Bean Poles & Pea Sticks

Ditch the bamboo and use these beautifully rustic hazel products instead! Discounts available for bulk orders from allotment groups and market gardens (if you're organic and/or no-dig the discount is higher...!).

Bean Poles

Sold in bundles of 12, circa 8' long. £10.00/bundle.

Pea Sticks

Fan shaped wands ideal for growing peas; at least 5' tall. £6.00 per bundle of 12.

Obelisk Plant Supports

Woven entirely from hazel, these plant support provide an effective and attractive support for climbing plants. The obelisks are circa 3' diameter (at the base) and approximately 6' tall.

£25.00 each


I produce restaurant grade, BBQ and artists' charcoal using both a traditional ring kiln and a modern Hookway retort.

Please contact me for trade enquiries.

Bespoke Creations

If you are looking for any other creation made from coppiced wood and think that I might be able to assist you, please feel free to drop me an email and I'll do my very best to help.